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OSS Consulting Group

Our Services

Mystery shopping services can be targeted for any activities that companies may be seeking information for. Common examples of mystery shopping services are companies looking for confirmation that staff are following through with training procedures, ensuring accurate information is being given to customers in a timely fashion, and that possible “up-selling” is occurring when available. Companies often get their competitors shopped so they can compare standards and expectations, then make the appropriate improvements.

How does it work?

One Stop Shoppers Ltd. will send in independent contractors, known as shoppers, to complete assignments (shopping), who will then submit a detailed survey reflecting their experience. Surveys are customized by the client, alongside one of our project managers, to accurately reflect the company’s vision, training, and expectations. Selected shoppers are picked based on the demographics requested by the client as well as our training methods. Surveys are submitted in a timely fashion allowing companies to respond to the informational report in an expeditious manner.